Our Services

Weekly or fortnightly Home Cleaning Service
Never clean your house again! It's a worry off your mind to know our cleaners will be there each week to do a quality cleaning job. Don't think of us a "just a cleaning service"! Our secure and reliable service cleaning service offers you a better lifestyle and freedom from mundane cleaning chores. By hiring us, you get more time to do the things you'd rather be doing, or need to be doing, instead of cleaning. Weekends were not made for housework! Let our cleaners set you free!
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Office Cleaning Services
Our cleaners can customise an office cleaning programme specifically suited to your needs, whether you need cleaners to help with a move in-move out, post construction cleaning service, deep cleaning or standard cleaning service on a daily, weekly or fortnightly basis. Talk to us about a schedule that fits your needs.
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One-off Cleaning Services
Moving in or moving out? Tenants made a mess? Give us a call to arrange a full clean - from walls to ceilings to oven, cupboards, windows, carpets, blinds - our cleaners do it all! Talk to us about your cleaning project. You name it - our cleaners will clean it!

Daily Services
For extra busy households or frantic offices, our cleaners offer daily or twice weekly cleaning services. Talk to us about creating a cleaning schedule that meets your needs.

Your Security

We're different to other cleaning companies!
You want a clean house - that goes without saying. But you have to be careful who you hand your keys to!

Unlike the other cleaning companies we know of, we are not a franchise, we don't use third party contractors, nor are we an introduction agency. All of our cleaners are our very own employees.

You are our customer - not any cleaning franchisee.

And, unlike "independents" who often work alone, or with random "friends", each of our cleaning teams has a designated security-screened Team Leader who is responsible for the security of your home, as well as the safety and well-being of their crew. For security reasons, we don't use "husband and wife" teams - neither do we send anyone to clean your home alone. That's not safe for them, and it's not safe for you!

All of our cleaners are interviewed and reference-checked by us and cleared by the Department of Justice.

We never relax our stringent cleaner selection process, because we don't need to: Our business is cleaning - home cleaning and office cleaning. We are not in the business of selling cleaning franchises or contracts, so we are never placed in a position where we might have to "turn a blind eye" in order to sell a cleaning franchise.

Your house keys (or office keys) are kept under lock and key in our office and are issued to the cleaner team leader on the morning of your clean. All keys are returned to our office in the afternoon of the same day. Your keys are never left rattling about in someone's glove box or handbag - or any other unsecure place. In addition, keys are labeled not with your name and address, but with our security numbers - and the security numbers are kept on a password-protected computer, accessible only by Miracle Workers management.

Our customers want more than a clean house - they want safety, professionalism, reliability and dependability too - and the security of knowing that Miracle Workers Cleaning Professionals offer all of that.

Not all cleaning companies are created equal!

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